A right hand from Biden? What to “offend” men, according to Trump

UNITED STATES – Donald Trump said Tuesday August 11 that some men may be “offended” by the promise of his Democratic rival Joe Biden to choose a woman as his running mate for the November presidential election.

“It was limited to a certain group of people,” the US president said in a telephone interview with Fox Sports radio. “Some will say that it is an offense against men and others will say that it is fine.”

Joe Biden, who will challenge him at the polls on November 3, pledged at the start of his campaign in the spring to pick a woman No. 2.

You must announce your choice this week.

So far, only two women in American political history have been named running mates: Sarah Palin in 2008 along with Republican candidate John McCain, and Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 with Democrat Walter Mondale.

Neither became vice president.

Donald Trump praised this Tuesday in his radio interview the work of his own vice president, Mike Pence, while minimizing the importance of the choice of the running mate.

“People don’t vote for the running mate, at all,” he said. “You can choose George Washington as your running mate. Or Abraham Lincoln, returned from the dead. They just don’t vote for the running mate. “

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