A former police officer detained in Ezeiza prison for crimes against humanity died of COVID-19

Ezeiza Nicolás Stulberg Penitentiary Complex

Carlos Ramallo, a police officer from Buenos Aires at the time of the last military dictatorship, detained for crimes against humanity at Federal Penitentiary Unit 31 of Ezeiza, died of coronavirus. This was confirmed for Sources of Infobae of the Ministry of Justice of the Nation.

Ramallo contracted the virus in that unit and as soon as it was detected they transferred it to the Unit No. 21 of Hospital Muñiz, located in the city of Uspallata 2272, in the city of Buenos Aire, where he died. This hospital is where the Federal Prison Service sends all prisoners who contracted the virus.

Ramallo’s death came in a context where the virus inside prisons is spreading. A few days ago, the National Penitentiary Office published the numbers of patients with coronavirus in federal prisons: 222, with seven deaths, 86 cases in city halls and police stations. 57 percent of swabs were positive.

So, almost two months ago, Luis Muiña, civil repressor sentenced to life in prison for qualified homicide committed at the Hospital de Posadas in the context of the military occupation of that establishment during the last dictatorship, which He is being held at Unit 34 in Campo de Mayo, had contracted coronavirus.

Muiña, who belonged to the so-called risk group because he is 66, had to be transferred to a hospital for an emergency operation and at that location they would have contracted the virus, they said in SPF. “He is being treated and isolated “, they had detailed in the SPF. Muiña, in turn, had also been transferred to the prison unit that works at Hospital Muñiz, where all federal prisoners with positive COVID-19 are taken.

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