A derogatory procedure was implemented for binational couples separated by Covid

POLITICS – “Their separation has lasted too long.” Questioned by politicians and the European Commission about the situation of binational couples, separated since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, France will launch a “derogatory procedure” to allow them to meet again, announced Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. to Sunday newspaper this August 8.

With the closing of borders within the Schengen area and beyond, many cohabiting partners who do not live in the same territory have been forced to live a long-distance relationship. The reopening of European borders has allowed some couples to meet again, but others, half of whom may be in a country called “at risk” like the United States, have so far been deprived of this joy.

“Starting this week”, those interested may, however, try to obtain a “pass” to go to France, said Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, after discussions with the group “Love is not tourism” that spoke to couples separated.

“The spouses must present themselves at the consulate with documents proving joint activities, their identity documents, proof of residence in France for the French spouse, a round trip transport ticket … These exemptions, which will be validated by the La Interministerial Crisis Commission, will lead to the issuance of a laissez-passer when necessary, “explained the Secretary of State for Tourism and French residents abroad.

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This procedure is similar to the one already implemented in some European countries. However, in response to Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne’s tweet, many people expressed fear at the administrative delays that will result from this new approach, in already crowded consulates.

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