2. Liga – Dresden defends itself against relegation: interview with the DFL

2nd championship

Dresden (dpa) – Dynamo Dresden is not giving up yet. The club are continuing their pursuit strategy against what they see as unfair relegation from the 2nd Bundesliga – but are apparently also seeking a friendly settlement with the German Football League (DFL).

The association and the DFL confirmed discussions with the German press agency. The newspaper “Bild” reported on a meeting between Dynamo general managers Michael Born and Ralf Becker with league representatives Peter Peters, Rüdiger Fritsch and Ansgar Schwenken in Frankfurt / Main, which was also supposed to be on increasing the league.

“If a club comes to us and wants to talk to us, of course we will. And if you want an assessment from us, you will get it, of course,” said Peters, deputy board spokesperson for administration of DFL for DPA. “The questions are: what exactly do they want? How do you assess this? And how should it be implemented?” However, there are still no apps or suggestions on the Dresdeners table.

According to the report, Dresden is expected to make specific suggestions on how the season starting September 18 could be played with 19 or 20 second division teams. SV Wehen Wiesbaden, also relegated from the penultimate position, could thus retain the class. “From our point of view, it is useless to speculate on the chances of success,” Nico Schäfer, managing director of Wiesbaden, said at the dpa’s request. “At the moment, we are in an assigned but observer role and wait first.”

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The increase in the second division would present clubs with new programming problems in the already tight schedule, and the TV money would also have to be distributed to more clubs. Approval for this will likely be low. Perhaps that is why the Dresdeners are speculating more about financial compensation, especially since current team leader Becker’s plans are clearly geared towards the 3rd Division.

Before the end of the past season, Dresden had already announced that it wanted to review the legal procedures. The club see a competitive disadvantage as the team have had to quarantine and then play nine games in 28 days due to multiple cases of coronavirus.

The club would have had an opinion on the odds of success for a week – but it would take a lot of time and money to run through the instances and would barely be finished before the league started. The German Football Association is officially responsible for the sporting jurisdiction and the LDF for the organization of the 2nd division. As a third division club, Dresden is unlikely to apply for a raise for the DFL general assembly of 36 professional clubs.

Wiesbaden Managing Director Schäfer underlined: “We had a long discussion within the LDF about the sporting integrity of competition under these framework conditions, and finally we decided to end the season with all its contingencies in all cases.” The basic decision in March to continue the match was unanimous according to the LDF.

The “Bild” also writes that Dresden would have questioned the Corona test laboratories mandated by the LDF and considers that the 14-day quarantine is unnecessary. The latter, however, had been commissioned by the health department. In addition, Dynamo team doctor Onays Al-Sadi reportedly said at the end of May, after the team’s fourth Corona case became known, that the authority “had acted in such a way. absolutely responsible and correct “.

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