166 people infected in a cannery after a corona epidemic

The epidemic at a can manufacturer in Lower Bavaria is bigger than previously known. About one in four employees has tested positive. And the number of people infected could continue to increase.

The number of people infected with corona in Mamming, Lower Bavaria, continues to rise: 166 out of 600 employees in a cannery have tested positive for the virus. “The whole operation is temporarily halted,” the Dingolfing-Landau district office said on Tuesday. All employees are in quarantine, as are 130 employees at two other company sites.

After an initial test, it became known over the weekend that 43 factory workers had contracted the corona virus. To ensure that no more workers are affected, a new test has been ordered. “The high number of new infections is of course a major setback,” said district administrator Werner Bumeder (CSU). “However, we stand by our assessment that this is a stand-alone unit and that there is still only one source of infection.”

230 workers from a neighboring farm have tested positive

The processing company is located near a vegetable farm, where around 230 agricultural workers had already tested positive. The authorities therefore assume that there has been a transfer of workers from the farm to workers at the cannery.

The number of those infected could continue to rise: The outcome of the screening of the 130 employees at the other two cannery sites is still pending, a spokeswoman for the district office said when asked.

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