108-101. Harris and Embiid leave the winners to Sixers; Magic goes to playoffs

Philadelphia Sixers striker Tobias Harris EFE / Marcelino Benito / Archive (EFEI0342 /)

Lake Buena Vista (Florida, USA), Aug. 7 (EFE) .- Striker Tobias Harris and Cameroonian center Joel Embiid contributed pairs that gave the Philadelphia Sixers a 108-101 victory on Friday. the Orlando Magic in a game corresponding to the day of the NBA.
Harris finished with 23 points and 15 rebounds, while Embiid reached the same score and captured 13 balls under the hoops, without the absence due to the injury of Australian playmaker Ben Simmon being felt in the Philadelphia team.
Simmons is out indefinitely after a knee injury on Wednesday night.
Guard Alec Burks had 22 points off the bench, and pivot Al Horford, five times the NBA All-Star pivot, joined the starting lineup and finished with 21 points and nine rebounds for the 76ers, who improved to 3-1 since the reboot.
But Embiid’s 16-point second half was crucial for the 76ers.
Embiid was particularly effective in painting, where he scored 7 of the 10 pitches he made during the game, but missed the other eight that hit the basket, including two 3-point attempts.
This drew some criticism in the range of NBA analyst Charles Barkley, who found Embiid’s game ineffective when it came to consolidating teamwork.
While Horford confirmed that he started to recover his best form and showed that by hitting 8 out of 14 field shots, including a triple of three attempts, and hitting 4-4 ​​in the 30 minutes he took action.
He also managed nine rebounds – four saves -, made two assists and placed a block.
The Sixers, this time, were present within the game and dominated the game with 51 rebounds to 47 from Magic.
Brazilian guard Raúl Neto did not play due to Sixers coach Brett Brown.
French striker Evan Fournier ended as Magic’s top scorer with 22 points, while Swiss Montenegrin center Nikola Vucevic contributed a double-double with 21 points and 12 rebounds, which did not stop the Orlando team from losing the third consecutive match.
Despite the defeat, Magic secured its place in the Eastern Conference playoffs after the Washington Wizards also lost to the New Orleans Pelicans (118-107) and no longer had the option to fight for eighth place. last one that gives you the right to play the playoffs.
Magic played without striker Aaron Gordon, who left Wednesday’s game against the Toronto Raptors with a tendon strain after a strong intentional foul by point guard Kyle Lowry.

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